Assault weapons could become legal throughout the United States when California’s overturned ban is appealed to the Supreme Court

Conservative voters, Second Amendment activists and gun aficionados celebrated the overturn of California’s decades-long assault weapons ban, thanks to a decision by federal Judge Roger Benitez. Now that California Attorney… Read more

Why Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) Should Be the Republican Nominee for President in 2024

Greene has two core advantages that are possessed by no other major contenders for the Republican primary. First, she is a true person of the people having risen to prominence… Read more

The Seattle Seahawks are a “Washington Football Team”, and should object to the continued use of the name “Washington Football Team” by the former Redskins

In July 2020, the team canned its former name (Redskins) and temporarily rebranded themselves as the “Washington Football Team.” Read more

News Agencies: How the NATO-point-of-view dominates international news

How does a news agency work? Where does the newspaper get the information from? We want to know what’s happening around us and why. What we can’t see for ourselves,… Read more

HIV/AIDS vaccine: Why don’t we have one after 37 years, when we have several for COVID-19 after a few months?

Vaccines have unquestionably been society’s most potent weapon against viral diseases of medical importance. When the new disease AIDS burst onto the scene in the early 1980s and the virus… Read more

Roman Protasevich: dissident Belarus journalist whose defiance enraged Europe’s last dictator

Nexta, the channel on the social media platform Telegram that Protasevich co-founded and formerly edited, has become one of the main tools in the Belarusian resistance movement that developed since… Read more

Body cameras help monitor police but can invade people’s privacy

In the course of their work, police officers encounter people who are intoxicated, distressed, injured or abused. The officers routinely ask for key identifying information like addresses, dates of birth… Read more

Why do I need anything other than Google to answer a question?

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Microfluidics: The tiny, beautiful tech hidden all around you

When you think of micro- or nanotechnology, you likely think of small electronics like your phone, a tiny robot or a microchip. But COVID-19 tests – which have proven to… Read more

Despite federal moratorium, eviction rates returning to pre-pandemic levels

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, known as the CARES Act, banned evictions from March 24 through Aug. 24, 2020, but applied to only the relatively small… Read more