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  • Madrid R Users Group (RUG) is a community of industry professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds that provides a learning and networking platform. The organizing committee of the Madrid… The post R in Action: Madrid R Users Group on Trends and Insights Navigating R’s Evolution and Future Trends … Continue reading: R in Action: […]
  • Statistical analysis and data handling play a pivotal role in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. The need for accurate and robust data analysis cannot be overstated, as it underpins critical decisions related to drug development, clinical trials, and patient outcomes. In this context, selecting the right software for data … Continue reading: Beyond SAS: […]
  • Introduction I am happy to announce that a new version of tidyAML is now available on CRAN. This version includes support for gee models. This is a big step forward for tidyAML as it now supports a wide variety of regression and classification m… Continue reading: tidyAML: Now supporting gee models
  • Some things that got my attention this week: Titan Image Generator in AWS Bedrock AWS Transcribe Supports 100+ Languages Cron Jobs in Vercel R v4.3.2 Spark v3.4.2 Keras v3.0.0 and Oceanography Gift. Continue reading: Weekly Digest — 2023/12/01
  • Introduction The 2nd edition of Geocomputation with R is due to be published in 2024. Now, we’re looking for a new cover image and we’d like your help. The competition is open to all and we have some prizes (see below). We’re launching this map c… Continue reading: Geocomputation with R comptetition: book cover for […]
  • This is part one of a three part series on Lighthouse for Shiny Apps. Part 1: Using Google Lighthouse for Web Pages (This post) Part 2: Analysing Shiny App start-up Times with Google Lighthouse (Coming soon) Part 3: Analysing Shiny App Component… Continue reading: Using Google Lighthouse for Web Pages
  • Mark Padgham, a Software Research Scientist for rOpenSci, has decades of experience in R, C, and C++, and maintains many packages on CRAN. Mark is leading the development of the… The post deposits R Package Delivers a Common Workflow for R Users appeared first on R Consortium. Continue reading: deposits R Package Delivers a Common […]
  • R/Shiny allows you to prototype a working web application quickly and easily. However, with increasing amounts of data, your app may become slow and, in extreme cases, crash due to insufficient memory. When the worst-case scenario happens, we need to figure out a way to lower the memory usage … Continue reading: Maximizing Efficiency: A […]
  • The Importance of Error HandlingIn the multifaceted world of R programming, particularly when navigating the intricate paths of data analysis, robust error handling is not merely a precaution; it’s an essential pillar of reliable and trustworthy code development. Picture this: you’re deep into a complex data analysis task, … Continue reading: Catch Me If You Can: […]
  • We’ve both coincidentally dipped our toes in the wonderful world of pretty messaging with cli. cli::cli_alert_success("marvellous package adopted!") #__ ✔ marvellous package adopted! In this post, we transform the hurdles we encountered in a… Continue reading: Cliff notes about the cli package

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“Ogihara and Bonnell chose to use R because it is attuned to statistical analysis and, by incorporating an increasingly popular collection of tools in R called tidyverse, students can easily learn how to process, wrangle, transform, and model data on their own, too.”

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R and Python play a crucial role in handling and manipulating the data. Many beginners find it difficult to shift from Python to R or vice-versa in such requirements. This will help the beginners to understand the differences and also help them switch in between.

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Heavy R Programming