Why Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Be the Republican Nominee for United States President in 2024


It would be in the best interest of the Republican Party to start thinking about 2024 and how to take back control of the White House. There are already a myriad of think pieces offering up common names for the ideal 2024 candidate. The media is awash with editorial extolling the virtues of people like Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, and Ron DeSantis. However, if the Republican Party were to take a good hard look at the needs of the voters, they would easily conclude that the best candidate to support in 2024 is none other than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

At first thought, you might be curious as to the rationale for encouraging Greene’s candidacy. But the reality is that Greene has two core advantages that are possessed by no other major contenders for the Republican primary. First, she is a true person of the people having risen to prominence by the spirit of her work ethic. Secondly, she currently excites the Republican base in a manner that is only rivaled by the likes of Donald Trump and the late Ronald Reagan. No other candidate is on par with Greene.

While readers are undoubtedly familiar with Greene given her national exposure, they may not be familiar with her background. Hailing from the small town of Milledgeville, Georgia, and a University of Georgia alumnus, Greene was a successful business owner prior to her foray into politics. She established and later sold a successful CrossFit franchise before creating a successful construction company with her husband Perry. She is the embodiment of the hard working, small town American, a perspective this country dearly needs and one with which voters resonate.

Critics will be quick to point out that Greene is controversial, and that is certainly true. However, if there is one thing that we have learned since the 2016 primaries, it is that voters appreciate a little controversy. After all, one of the aspects that helped Donald Trump rise to prominence was his advocacy for the American people – even if that advocacy meant speaking unpopular truths. The reality is that voters appreciate a politician that speaks like they do, and they flock to support them.

Whether one supports Trump’s style or not, no Republican can in good conscience state that he did not excite voters to a level not seen in recent years. And let’s be honest – what wins modern elections is the ability to excite voters. Why do voters feel so passionately about Greene? In many ways, she is a microcosm of America. A self-made mother of three, Greene shows courage and tenacity while speaking about the things Republicans truly care about. The economy, gun policy, and immigration remain the cornerstone issues that Republicans care about. Go to any small town in America and these themes consistently emerge. Greene’s Congressional campaign consistently hammered on the need to reduce gun control, stop open borders, and push back against policies like the Green New Deal that would cut jobs. She was repaid with 57% of the Republican runoff vote and nearly three-quarters in the general.

Furthermore, Greene conducts herself with courage and tenacity. After recently being stripped of her House committee assignments by Democrats in the latest example of runaway cancel culture, Greene fought back, bravely bringing national attention to the Democrats’ fight against freedom of speech and their efforts to strip her constituents of representation, a strong message that what truly mattered in the moment was the needs and rights of voters.

Greene further rededicated her efforts, noting that she planned to use her newfound free time to begin to shape the future of the Republican Party, a promise that should bring chills to the spines of Democrats. In making her case, she noted the consistent efforts of West Coast elites to silence rural America and traditional American values in order to push an increasingly radicalized liberal agenda that most of the country simply does not want. While the recent vote was undoubtedly a hope to silence Greene, it seems to have only made her voice resonate more soundly across the country’s heartland.

Many leading Republicans would note concern at the fact that Greene is not an experienced and polished politician. However, these same people are falling into the habit of viewing politics with blinders. This is not the America of the 1980s. Americans do not want a Beltway insider representing them. They want someone who identifies with their needs. Who better to do that than someone who has lived an authentic American experience?

As a grassroots populist feel has taken hold of Republican voters over the past half a decade, increasing numbers are looking to be represented by one of their own. Donald Trump succeeded by speaking the language. Marjorie Taylor Greene not only speaks the language but lives the life of a typical Republican voter, something no other candidate can claim with such a degree of confidence.

If there is one resounding lesson from the 2000 election, it is that of the “beer test” – that voters will increasingly support the candidate they’d feel most comfortable sitting down and drinking a beer with. That candidate is not a former UN Ambassador or governor or long-term senator. Rather, that candidate is a patriotic and outspoken first-term Congresswoman that understands what it truly means to live by American values. If we truly aspire to retake our government and return to American prosperity, we need to throw our support behind Marjorie Taylor Greene, and we need to do it now.

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